About Us

At DataDoIt We Do Analytics with Passion

With a fine mix of Big Data/Machine Learning expertise and deep understanding of modern business challenges, we support our partner companies in developing highly customized and ground-breaking analytics solutions. We provide our customers with a wide range of collaboration models that suit their data analytics needs. The authenticity of our solutions rests on our Answer Engine technology that enables our customers to formulate their analytics queries and get real-time analytics insight via a simple and integrated web access.

  • We cover all stages of data analytics projects (CRISP-DM methodology)
  • We are Negotiating and Providing Managed Analytics Services (Customized Collaboration Models)
  • A cloud-based insights platform to deliver your analytics on-demand and in real-time

How It Works

A World-Class Methodology to turn your data into strategic value while skipping the technicalities of data science


1- Data Discovery

Our project always start with the exploration and the analysis of the current state of the customer's data system: data quality & data practices & data governance


2- Extraction of the Data Project

We identify the specific analytical needs of our customer and we plan the subsequent milestones of the data project


3- Set Up of a Customized Collaboration Model

We agree on terms of a bespoke collaboration to support our customer in the transition towards a data-driven business model


4- Data Preparation

This stage of the work involves the techniques and technologies required for data cleaning to create a solid foundation for future insights


5- Model Building and Deployment

We make decisions about the descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to be used. We train and benchmark various ML models and put together the components of the Analytics Solution.


6- Insights Delivery

It involves the use of our Answer Engine technology to deliver the extracted knowledge in real-time and interactive fashion. The Project life-cycle is designed in way that makes it easy to continually improve the accuracy of the analysis models and the delivery performance

Our Data Project collaboration always start wit a FREE CONSULTATION

We understand that modern businesses are all rich in data and they are also excited about leveraging modern analytics towards a data-informed decision making. The cold truth says that technical and budget limitations are inhibiting this enthusiasm. Not sure where to start? DataDoIt helps you to make the first step.

Services We Provide

Wide range of Data & Knowledge Services at One STOP

Data Management activities includes: data collection from internal and external sources, integration and aggregation of data of various types and from multiple origins, creation of data lakes, setting up data governance policy to ensure the high quality and sustainability of analytics projects.

Collaboration refers to a Friendly and Result-Oriented form of partnership that aims at relieving customers from the technical struggles as well as the exorbitant budgets commonly associated with the modern Analytics projects. We provide a flexible forms of the service level agreement (SLA) terms that reflect our high responsibility towards our partners data as well as our commitment to deliver high level of Analytics quality.

Using advanced techniques (including R and Python scripting) to create data cleaning pipelines. We rely on our expertise in various ML development and benchmarking tools (and languages) to extract an actionable knowledge that meet the high expectations of our partners.

Our Data Analytics as a Service (DaaS) allows us to quickly deploy the analytical solutions we develop for our customers along with adequate access channels. The Answer Engine is VPS service that generates and delivers real-time insights upon customer requests.

Our Technology Solution: Answer Engine

An Affordable and Result-Oriented Analytics solution that boosts the competitiveness of our customers

Answer Engine is a cloud-based platform developed by DataDoIt to provide its customers with a real-time and interactive analytics service. Answer Engine is designed to offer a lightweight layered architecture that fits together an array of open source services.

Open analytics tools are used for the deployment of the customer’s analytics solution and web server runs to deliver the analytical insights based on the customers requests formulated via dedicated web interfaces.

Cloud service relying on dedicated platform which is adequately configured to host and deliver online the generated analytics.

Key Benefits

Smart Collaboration

  1. Supports both on-site and outsourced analytics solutions
  2. Provides secure access for data sharing
  3. Includes either or all: data quality, data infrastructure and data governance
  4. Highest responsibility from DataDoIt translates to highest freedom offered to our partners

Technology Benefits

  1. Interactive and real-time access to analytics instead of predefined reports
  2. Plug and play with existing customer’s information system using simple and modular web screens
  3. Automating most of tasks that are traditionally treated as on-lab work
  4. Highly customizable platform that offers more options than generic platforms which partially meet the needs of businesses

Effective and Affordable!

  1. Our Solution works over a full stack of open source technologies
  2. It allows customers to pay as they use thanks to API calls
  3. It relieves our partners from constructing full-scale analytics systems
  4. No need to build a dedicated data science team. We do the hard work for you!

Our Competencies