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The First AI-Powered Analytics App in Tunisia

How Does BestAutoImmo Work?

BestAutoImmo is taking advantage of the Answer Engine developed by DataDoIt to make advanced predictive analytics in real-time in order to help sellers and buyers to find the right prices for their vehicles or apartments inline with the market trends.

How to ensure that the prices determined by BestAutoImmo are accurate?

BestAutoImmo Used Car and Apartments valuation tool is based on the state-of-the art uses data science algorithms to overlay tons of data points scraped from various sources over long period of time to predict accurate market value. The valuation tools is plugging user input predictive models (trained on the collected data) which yield an accurate predicted value in few milliseconds.

How does BestAutoImmo help sellers and buyers?

BestAutoImmo is simply an AI-tool that helps the selling and buying parties to inform their decisions based on the intelligence derived from data. BestAutoImmo helps sellers get a fair price for their cars/apartments. The Valuation tool, built into BestAutoImmo, factors in numeric variables (objective criteria) affecting a car/apartment price and then extract the pricing pattern tucked away in thousands of similar datapoints to determine a price value with a very error margin. For buyers, it creates a transparent sales process. It gives buyers a fair price window which they should expect to shell out, thus preventing them from being overcharged. It saves both parties a crazy time they might spend on listing sites to make their mind on what they believe is the 'fair price'!

What are BestAutoImmo Auto et Immo components?

These are both components shipped with BestAutoImmo tool to help real-estate and vehicle advertisers to take their experience to the next-level. BestAutoImmo brings together the power of data science, location-based listing, CRM analytics to help advertisers in understanding measuring their performance, informing their decisions with data, achieving smart CRM and improve user engagement.

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Wide range of Data & Knowledge Services at One STOP

Data Management activities includes: data collection from internal and external sources, integration and aggregation of data of various types and from multiple origins, creation of data lakes, setting up data governance policy to ensure the high quality and sustainability of analytics projects.

Collaboration refers to a Friendly and Result-Oriented form of partnership that aims at relieving customers from the technical struggles as well as the exorbitant budgets commonly associated with the modern Analytics projects. We provide a flexible forms of the service level agreement (SLA) terms that reflect our high responsibility towards our partners data as well as our commitment to deliver high level of Analytics quality.

Using advanced techniques (including R and Python scripting) to create data cleaning pipelines. We rely on our expertise in various ML development and benchmarking tools (and languages) to extract an actionable knowledge that meet the high expectations of our partners.

Our Data Analytics as a Service (DaaS) allows us to quickly deploy the analytical solutions we develop for our customers along with adequate access channels. The Answer Engine is VPS service that generates and delivers real-time insights upon self-analytics requests received from our customers.