In workshop, developers will learn how to create an end-to-end hardware-accelerated industrial inspection pipeline to automate defect detection. Using NVIDIA’s own real production
data set as an example, we’ll illustrate how the application can be easily applied to a variety of manufacturing use cases. Developers
will also learn to identify and mitigate common pitfalls in deep learning-based computer vision tasks, and be able to deploy and
measure the effectiveness of their AI solution.

What You Will Learn :

  • Extract meaningful insights from the provided data set using Pandas DataFrame.


  • Apply transfer-learning to a deep learning classification model.


  • Fine-tune the deep learning model and set up evaluation metrics.


  • Deploy and measure model performance.


  • Experiment with various inference configurations to optimize model performance.

Who should attend ?

  • AI developers and researchers
  • AI enthusiasts
  • Data scientist
  • ML engineers

Prerequisites :

  • Experience with Python
  • Basic understanding of data processing and deep learning