This course takes you from absolute beginner in the cloud to a certified Azure IoT Developer, and helps you pass the AZ-220 exam.
IoT (Internet of Things) is a booming industry, and IoT in the cloud is where all the action happens. Getting a certification on Azure IoT Developer is the best way to get recognition as an IoT and cloud expert, and learn the most advanced topics about IoT in Azure, known to the elite of cloud experts.

What You Will Learn :

  • Set up the Azure IoT Hub solution infrastructure
  • Provision and manage devices
  • Implement IoT Edge
  • Implement business integration
  • Process and manage data
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize IoT solutions
  • Implement security

Who should attend ?

  • Developers who want to learn about
  • IoT in the cloud
  • Architects who want to design IoT systems in the cloud
  • Cloud experts who want to expand their knowledge to IoT systems

Prerequisites :

  • Some programming knowledge is required, no matter in whichlanguage
  • No cloud experience or knowledge is required