This course features a mixture of lecture and hands-on training, making it possible to understand essential 5G concepts by allowing you to work directly with your own 5G network. You will follow a step-by-step approach to analyze the key components in a working 5G network. You will work directly with the UE, RAN and core services. You will perform basic call flow analysis through demonstration and optional Wireshark downloads. A hands-on approach to
learning 5G is the best way to learn this new technology! When you successfully complete this course, you will possess a well-rounded, vendor neutral, understanding of key components within the 5G network architecture and become fully empowered to take an active role in working with your 5G engineers.

What You Will Learn :

  • 5G EN-DC architecture
  • 5G Stand-alone architecture
  • Beamforming, mm-wave, massive-mimo
  • 5G Access technology, O-RAN, and v-RAN
  • New Radio technology, numerology
  • Narrowband IoT support technology
  • IMS in the 5G Network
  • Network Slicing
  • 5G call trace analysis

Who should attend ?

  • Professionals planning to use
  • 5G Access
  • Professionals looking to merge 5G and Wifi6 radio technology

Prerequisites :