This course focuses on installing and configuring an Ubuntu Linux system, and topics taught apply to other open-source Linux server distributions. Labs include user and group maintenance, system backups and restoration, software management, administration tasks automation, file system creation and maintenance, managing remote access, working with cron, configuring file sharing and Web services, and working with system logging utilities like rsyslog.

What You Will Learn :

  • Install the Linux operating system and configure peripherals
  • Perform and modify startup and shutdown processes
  • Configure and maintain essential networking services
  • Create and maintain system users and groups
  • Understand and administer file permissions on directories and regular files
  • Plan and create disk partitions and file systems
  • Perform maintenance on file systems
  • Identify and manage Linux processes
  • Automate tasks with cron
  • Perform backups and restoration of files
  • Work with system log files
  • Troubleshoot system problems
  • Analyze and take measures to increase system performance
  • Configure file sharing with NFS
  • Configure Samba for file sharing with the Windows clients
  • Setting up a basic Web server
  • Understand the components for setting up a LAMP server
  • Implement basic security measures

Who should attend ?

  • Systems Administrators

Prerequisites :

  • Experience with common
  • UNIX/Linux user-level commands
  • Experience with the vi editor